Matching belt

Complement your shoes.

The perfect match.

If you have ever had to buy a belt hoping that it would match the colour of a pair of shoes you have, or despaired at finding that the colours were similar but definitely not the same, this option is for you. We understand that our clients appreciate the harmony that comes from knowing that their external look matches their inner drive.

Full grain leather.

Our belts are handcrafted from a single piece of leather, which is the key to their durability and overall quality. Victor belts will only get better as the leather adapts to your lifestyle over the years.

Same texture. Same color.

You no longer have to worry if the belt you buy will match the shoes, you simply know it will. You will notice that you only get the opportunity to buy the matching belt once – when you purchase a pair of Victor shoes. That is because it will be cut from the same piece of leather that your shoes are made from, so you know that the colour and texture will match; not nearly, not closely – but perfectly.

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