Tradition meets innovation.

Our Vision

From the process of unboxing your new pair of Victor shoes and seeing your own initials inside as you step into them, to the joy of wearing them in comfort and style, we want your experience to be the very best in class.

A rich history.

We are joyful in the knowledge that those who get to wear our shoes also share that desire – to be the best they can be, one step at a time. We make our shoes so that our customers can feel happy wearing them in comfort all day long and as much of the night as they choose, being the best they can be at whatever they choose. We are three generations of one family whose focus remains where it has always been – to make the world a better place through our shoes.

Our mission

Supreme comfort.


There are many ways to successfully run a business. For that reason, not all entrepreneurs focus on having big factories, many employees, huge quantities of stock and simply making money. We prefer the wellbeing that comes from enjoying every part of our craft, bestowing our love on every single pair of shoes we create.

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