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We aim to provide you with the highest level of customer care. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding our shoes, services or online store, our team is very happy to hear from you.

Please send an email to

We will aim to respond to emails within 24hrs or by the next working day if the email is sent on UK public holidays or weekends.

Can I add a rubber sole to my leather shoes?

All our Goodyear welted shoes already contain rubber inserts on the bottom of the shoes as standard. Once these inserts need to be changed, it is easy to have new ones put on. However, if there is any damage to the actual soles of the shoes, we recommend that you send your shoes back to us for repair. We can not guarantee the high quality and integrity of the shoe if anyone other than our craftsmen has repaired it. Please contact us for further details on

How to refresh the shoe tree scent?

If the scent should not be as noticeable after prolonged usage, you may use some very fine sanding paper to sand down a very small part of the shoe tree which does not directly touch the leather. This will again release the fresh, clean smell of cedar.

What is a Last?

A shoe last is the mold of the shape of a foot, over which the upper of the shoe is drawn during the manufacturing process. It is the last which gives the shoe its shape and fitting properties. Victor shoes use several different last shapes and alternative width fittings to try and cater for the various needs of our customers. It is also possible to increase the width of the shoe, height of the arch and height of the heel – all by 5mm, as part of the customisation options. For further details, please choose a model and choose the options within the Shop section of the website.

Every last we use has the exact dimensions, including width fitting, displayed within the product details for each shoe.

What are the different upper materials?

Calf or full grain leather has not been sanded or corrected to remove blemishes and is the very top layer of leather. It is also the most difficult to obtain because only the most perfect hides can be used for this leather. Its fibre structure is the most dense of all the layers of leather and therefore offers the most protection and excellent water protection. It is a naturally soft and flexible material, and has excellent breathability. Like so many fine things in life, with age this type of leather will develop an attractive patina and get even better.

Polished or ‘corrected grain’ leather has the natural leather finish corrected and a top coat added to provide the final highly polished appearance. This type of leather is more resistance to water and staining, but will not develop the same patina as with calf or full grain leather. It is also initially a stiffer material, and the shoes may require a short period of breaking in when new.

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